Extractor & Extractor-Pro  industrial absorbent wringer, roller extraction technology

The Extractor and the Extractor-Pro are the State-Of-The-Art in roller extraction technology. Extractors help “put the squeeze” on costs associated with spills. Chemical-resistant rollers extract liquid from soiled sorbents, helping to reduce waste and meet recycling goals. The Extractor is the perfect solution for desaturating any flat sorbents whereas the Extractor-Pro brings state-of-the art capability to roller extraction. Both Extractors use a unique collection base that sits on top of a 55 gallon closed head drum for the cleanest and most efficient fluid control in the industry. Built-in anti-spill/fluid indicator valve warns when five gallons capacity remains in drum. The Extractor-Pro also has an optional Motor Drive Conversion Kit available.

The Extractor oil extraction system incorporates new features to make roller extraction a valuable option for waste minimization. In a recent report by the EPA entitled “A Fluid Sorbent Recycling Devise for Industrial Fluid Users” which used the Extractor they concluded it could pay for itself in 2.8 – 5 weeks and that annual savings of 51% – 75% could be realized.  (See copy of EPA Report)