Drainmate Super Funnels provide maximum capacity, safety and convenience for draining and funneling tasks. They are made from heavy gauge steel to support parts and sludge draining and to last a long time. Steel construction does not support combustion for petrochemical draining and funneling uses. Drainmates mount directly over drum for efficient space use, no overhang to snag passing personnel or equipment. The drain spout feeds directly into the drum plug eliminating spillage. Drainmates utilize an angled bottom for efficient drainage into drum. Anti-Spill drain tube indicates when five gallon capacity remains for easy movement to empty drum. Collection and drainage are done inexpensively and right into a closed head container that can be handled as a full waste container. Drainmate accessories increase the efficiency and functionality of both the Drainmate I Super Funnel and the Drainmate II Super Funnel.

Also available as accessories for both DRAINMATE I and DRAINMATE II are our RACK-N-DRAIN draining rack and PUNCH-N-DRAIN SAFETY HAMMER a filter punch tool. Both will make your Drainmmate a complete recovery station.