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EXTRACTOR-PRO Industrial Absorbent Wringer

Roller Extraction System Pro
Part# 1500

EXTRACTOR-PRO (Part# 1500)

The New Extractor-Pro Oil Extraction System incorporates new features to make roller extraction a valuable option for waste minimization. In a recent report by the EPA entitled “A Fluid Sorbent Recycling Device for Industrial Fluid Users” which used the Extractor they concluded it could pay for itself in 2.8 – 5 weeks and that annual savings of 51% - 75% could be realized. Mounts to a Closed-Head 55-gal drum and has built-in anti-spill valve. 19” rollers accept 18” pads with no folding, as many as 4 each 3” socks at one time plus 5”, 6” and some 8” booms. Has optional hands free electric Motor-Drive. Custom size extractor widths and custom voltages are available.

Free copy of EPA Report download available.

Extractor-Pro Sets Extractor Industry Standards

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1. Extra Heavy Duty Design for Commercial/Industrial/Professional Use –

Extractor-Pro was designed for use in heavy-duty applications. Because it uses a 24” x 24” special collection sink, there is no spillage in the extraction process. It is able to be run by just one person, has built-in safety features and is user friendly in operation. Its heavy-duty construction allows for easy maintenance and cleaning with little chance of component failure. The collection sink is a very important part of this product. If the competition does not have something just like it, it won’t work like ours.

designed for use in heavy-duty applications
2. It Mounts to a Closed-Head Drum –

In many states EPA and Fire Codes will not allow flammable hazardous or potentially hazardous liquids (like oil) to be collected into an open head drum. Transfer into a closed-head drum is eliminated, saving the cost of a pump, a possible spill, the cost of a second drum, and the labor for quadruple handling. Also, sorbents and other items can and will easily fall into the drum, necessitating retrieval.

Mounts to 55-Gallon Closed Head Drum

3. Has a Unique Feed Shelf & Drainage Grid –

The feed table makes easy work out of starting. Extraction units on open drums without the guide and receiving grid can make more work than they help save. The extra labor and frustration can hurt a program. (If extraction is a serious desire, cheap ineffective units that are not designed for this work can cost many times more in increased labor. It just doesn’t work and we recommend that you stay away from purchasing them.)

EXRACTOR-PRO with unique feed shelf and drainage grid
4. Has Adjustable Roller Opening (0-2”) – This allows for up to 2” of roller separation to help start fully saturated booms or pillows. We have confirmed testing with a good 5” and 8” x 10’ booms being successfully handled by Extractor-Pro.  

5. Has the Largest Roller Width Opening in the Industry,  19” –

This is over 50% wider than any others.  18” pads go through with no folding. Even 36” wide pads and mats only need to be folded over one time to pass easily through. The labor saving and increased productivity from this feature is significant. Remember, there is no competition!!!!

to 2” of roller separation to help start fully saturated booms
6. Specially Surfaced Rollers – Our rollers have a specially textured finish to effectively move the material through the system, while helping the liquid to disburse faster. This is all done while effectively de-saturating up to 79% efficiency as tested by the US EPA when they tested our system. Gouged rollers extract at a substantially less efficient rate and can rip or tare the covering on booms and pillows requiring more labor and mess.
This is over 50% wider than any others. 18” pads go through with no folding.
7. Nitrile Roller Material – Nitrile of special durometer was chosen after extensive testing because it is pliable and extremely chemical and hydrocarbon resistant.  
8. Offset Roller Design – This design provides several new performance enhancements. The only reason to have rollers directly over each other is to save money and use existing designs that do not work as well. Offsetting gives us easier and quicker material starting and provides additional safety for fingers while starting sorbents. Extractor-Pro is more efficient because the material to be de-saturated stays in contact with the bottom roller longer extracting more material as well as making it easier to handle.
Stays in contact with bottom roller longer extracting more material
9.  Double Spring Roller Guides – Research led us to recognize that letting the rollers separate on their own was inefficient. Our spring-loaded rollers provide even pressure in both directions of travel making it much easier to start thick pads, pillows or booms.  
10. Quick Release Pins – We have added the ability to quickly release all pressure in the rollers by pulling just one pin. This is the only unit on the market that has built-in safety relief.
quickly release all pressure in the rollers by pulling just one pin

11. Adjustable Spring Pressure –

By using a leaf spring with infinite adjustability you can fine-tune the roller pressure (and opening) for exactly what the material you are working with needs based on thickness and fluid viscosity.

EXTRACTOR-PRO's Quick release pin and Adjustable leaf spring

12. Both Rollers are Driven (Powered) –

Dual-roller chain driven rollers are essential to accommodate slippery and hard to start materials.

Heavy duty roller chain positive drive ensures both roller drives thorough travel
12.  Designed for the Optional Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) –

For the many production and labor control situations in the field, the Extractor-Pro provides the option of an APU. The APU is a marvel of design and efficient utility. No more hand cranking required. The APU utilizes an ultra heavy-duty reversible dual roller geared motor with foot pedal on/off in a NEMA spec housing. Now both hands are free to feed material and any desired level of de-saturation is practical without fatigue. The APU features a keyed switch to provide full access control to only authorized operators. Quick disconnect pins on the head of the unit provide quick pressure release of rollers. Available in 110-120V AC and on special order 12V DC.

Optional Auxiliary Power Unit

Dimensions Unit: 24”W x 24”L x 26”H (Custom size extractor widths and custom voltages available) 

Dimensions Carton: 29”W x  23”L x 25”H

Weight:116 lbs

Shipping: UPS or Truck

Intended Use: The Extractor-Pro is specifically designed for use with any type of sorbent pad, sock, boom or pillow. It is the only industrial roller extraction system available. It can and has been used to provide production extraction for taking sizing out of fabric for a doll manufacturer, extracting flame retardant chemicals from treated cloth and for extracting hardening chemicals from leather floor tiles.

Advantages &  Benefits: T he Extractor-Pro is a collection system, not just a wringer. Standard wringers do not work well and can make the process of extraction a mess rather than a solution to a problem.  Provides a practical way to environmentally and safely desaturate sorbents and rags. Patented collection sink helps make the roller extraction process cleaner. Rollers are chain driven, important for moving oil soaked sorbents through them. Rollers are offset to facilitate easy loading. Anti-spill drain tube notifies when 5-gallon capacity remains to prevent over filling. EPA study proves that the Extractor pays for itself in a very short time (2.8 – 5 weeks), saving money. Works with Closed-Head Drum for safe collection and recycling handling. 19” width and 2” opening accommodates all types of sorbents. Feed tray makes for easier and more convenient use. Can be motorized for higher capacity applications and labor savings.


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