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EXTRACTOR Industrial Absorbent Wringer

Roller Extraction System
Standard Part# 1000


This EXTRACTOR Standard model is the perfect solution for desaturating any flat sorbent pads, towels, wipers, small diameter socks, rugs, carpets and flat booms.

The Extractor oil extraction system incorporates new features to make roller extraction a valuable option for waste minimization. In a recent report by the EPA entitled “A Fluid Sorbent Recycling Devise for Industrial Fluid Users” which used the Extractor they concluded it could pay for itself in 2.8 – 5 weeks and that annual savings of 51% - 75% could be realized.  (See copy of EPA Report)

The Extractor has duel gear driven, 12” wide chemical resistant rollers which open to approximately  ½” suiting itself to those wet towels, sorbents or rags that will compress to approx ½” to ¾” or less, and only those socks with good strong casings and the right kind of fill. Flat booms and standard sheets and pads also work well with the Extractor Standard.  For extracting sorbents larger or with unsuitable casing and fills, the Extractor-Pro would be the proper choice. The Extractor sits into the DrainMate I Superfunnel  which mounts to a closed-head 55 gal drum and has a built-in anti-spill valve.

  • 24” x 24” x 8” collection sink
  • 12” roller width
  • Chemically resistant rollers
  • Rollers separate or open to approximately ½”
  • Anti-spill drain tube
  • Dual gear driven rollers

Dimensions Unit: 25”W x 25”L x 8 ” High

Weight: 54 lbs

Shipping: UPS or Truck

Intended use and benefits: The Extractor standard has many applications specificlly when there is the need for removal of liquids from saturated materials through roller extraction methods. There are many applications where it is less expensive for disposal of damp towels, rags etc. then for dripping wet items. In the car wash industry it is quicker to wring out towels prior to putting them in the drier then to put them in wet. When dealing with oil or chemical soaked absorbents it is much less expensive for disposal of dry verses wet. One recent customer used our extractors for removing solvents from printing press wipes prior to disposal, another used an extractor for compression of two glued parts in order to evenly squeeze the two items.

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EXTRACTOR #1000 on 55-Gallon Drum

Roller gear drive ensures both rollers are driven

Light viscosity oils running out of EXTRACTOR


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