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We have several of the Extractor Pro 1500 wringers. I just want to say that they are a simple and very well constructed unit. They do their job very efficiently . They save our company money every day.

Steve M.
Manufacturing Company

I have an Automotive repair shop that uses a both a Drainmate 1 and a Drainmate 2 Super funnel. I just want to say that they are built tough. We put almost anything into them to drain. We even put a V-8 Chevy engine block into one!

Mike S. Auto Repair

We have both a Extractor Pro 1500 and an Extractor 1000. We use the Extractor 1000 for the smaller mats and socks. We use the Extractor Pro 1500 for the larger stuff. We have had both units for several years . We haven’t had any problems with either of them.

William Truax, Fabrication & Welding

I have 3 of the Extractor Pro 1500 units. I have been using them for over 6 years now with no problems. They are very versatile machines. We actually use them to bond our filter materials together. They work very well for us. I would recommend them highly. They are also made in the USA !!!

Paul B.

I have a Drainmate 2 with the lid cover. I have had it for several years. I use it on 55 gallon barrels to collect used oil we drain. The lid makes it very nice because we keep it outside.

Bryan , Auto repair

Our company has an Extractor pro 1500 Wringer. We don’t use it to extract fluids. We do plumbing work and use it to apply a glue to our pipe liners . I works very good for us.

Star Mechanical Svc’s.

We have a machine shop and use an Extractor Pro 1500 wringer system every day. We use it to extract fluids out of socks and mats that are spilled or leak from our machines. The fact that it is set up to put the fluids back into a 55 gallon drum lets us not only use the socks and mats over several times. We also strain a lot of the fluids and can use them over. This save us a lot of money !!!

David S. @ Pro Machine Services

I have a Drainmate 1. This thing is built tough. Made in the good ole US of A !!!!


The Extractor-Pro has saved my printing company thousands of dollars in garbage removal costs. By removing the solvants from rags prior to disposing, the average weight of garbage was reduced by 40% resulting in a huge savings.

Operations Manager
Printing Company

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